You don’t really need to be a Dylan to appreciate the movie, but you DO need to like avant garde type stuff…it’s pretty unique, but it’s really fitting for the Dylan mystique.

I actually plan on posting that Popoff interview on here. I interviewed him a couple years ago for his Rush: Album by Album book. That one was posted on a site I write for.

This one, however, is specifically about the business of music journalism and how he’s managed to make a living at it. He was very open about it and shared useful insights, so I’ll let you know for sure.

I’m going to publish it next week to coincide with his Queen: Album by Album book that will be out then.

That old Rush interview can be seen at

I’ll let you know when the other goes up. Interestingly, he doesn’t even try to find paid freelance music journalism gigs. He makes his living entirely through his books.

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