Yea, I can see that…their name is highly unfortunate, too. I mean, I know it was a trend at the time to use silly “psychedelic” names, but I have a hard time grasping any reality where Peanut Butter Conspiracy sounded like a cool moniker.

I read Brackett’s memoir (“Almost Famous”). It’s good. Obviously also talked to him for that interview. He’s pretty realistic about the faults of the band and their path. They seem like another band, to me, that would have better off without the label trying to force out bubble gum hits like “It’s a Happening Thing.” That song is not good, in my opinion, but some of their other tracks are fantastic.

Interesting note: Brackett said that the PBC was in the studio the same as the Chambers Brothers when they were doing “Time Has Come Today,” and he notes that the PBC song “Time is After You” sounds remarkably similar…as in the Chambers accidentally (Bracket implies nothing malicious) copied it. Sounds crazy, but check it out below, if you’re interesting.

I interviewed Willie Chambers, too, by the way. “Time Has Come Today” is one of my favorite songs EVAH, so that was really cool for me. Anyway, I ramble. I’m glad I found your stuff.

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