Yea, I burst out laughing as I read this claptrap.

I didn’t vote for Trump. I don’t consider myself part of either party. And as I’ve sat here for the last two years I’ve seen equal parts of hysteria driven delusion and ignorance from both my Leftie and my Rightie friends. That are all smart people, by the way, but media is using natural human cognitive biases and fear to drive those otherwise intelligent friends into terror.

This piece is absolute propaganda that will only serve the strengthen suspicions of a dishonest media for any intelligent person reading it.

What I find amusing, sad, and frustrating about this whole situation is that I first learned about media manipulation when I stumbled upon Noam Chomsky at 14. I spent years reading on this subject, and there is plenty of legitimate documentation on it, and it used to be all my Leftie friends that supported me and my conservative friends who said I was paranoid.

Now, here I am in a fucking Bizarro world where my Leftie friends are attacking people who point out how full of shit the media is.

What a weird ass time to be alive. used to bother me…but now I just find it kind of fun.

Anyway, sorry if I read too much into your simple statement…I just found this article to be hilarious garbage and had to let it out!

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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