While the Wolves Sleep

Jeff Suwak
2 min readMar 23, 2018

Night arrives like a faceless need
To rob light from young lovers
Like you and me.

Come steal away with me, my love
Steal softly away with me
Out your chamber window, love
Come steal away with me.

I climbed six smoking mountains, love
Crossed eight bottomless seas
Sneaked past the fountain of the serpent, love
Braved a forest of hangman’s trees
All to come before you tonight, on my knees.

For tonight, my love, we may run and find
The land of our origin
Tonight, while the waves climb most high
And crash most deep
Tonight, my love, while the wolves sleep.

They say the wolves are eternally hungry
And that they eternally feed
They lay themselves down and drink
Of young lovers’ needs
And all the while that they howl
All we can do is bleed

But tonight, my love, tonight is a special night
For all the fools like you and me
Because tonight, my love
Is the…