Well, by no means am I trying to convince you to read it, but she wasn’t one of the killers. She was only 14 when she joined. Her parents fell into the Hippie dropout culture which unfortunately ended up leaving poor young Dianne floating aimlessly around the country, vulnerable prey. She was preyed upon a couple times before even encountering Manson.

Luckily she never participated in any crimes and after getting out was eventually able to get her mind back. But, she was perhaps the biggest target of Manson’s abuses, so it really may be best if you don’t read it.

Your story sounds incredibly difficult to remember, much less tell. But if the time comes, please do let me know.

Until then, I’m glad to have Medium to read your other stuff :)

P.S. Sorry about your loss. That seems like such an impotent thing to say…but still, I’d like to say it.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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