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Time stopped.
Just for a second.

What does a second mean
after time has stopped?

He didn’t know.
He didn’t care.
He was scared to move —
scared that moving would disturb the stillness.

In the stillness he saw
for the first time ever
what the world around him was.

A parade of faces.
A portrait come faceless.
Political prostitutes.
Con-men selling out their own lives
to their own lies.

Holes in pockets.
Threads without needles.

Thunder clapped
over the mountain
inside his head.

This is what it is.
This is all it ever was.
Motionless flowing into nothingness

Shop window at his side.
Don’t turn, his mind screamed.
Don’t turn for what you’ll see there.

But he turned.
Like a robot he turned.
Base reflex.
Animal nerves.

A life spent barking
at mindless dogs,

dogs as mindless
as him.

He turned and saw his own face
smooth and dull as plastic.
Just another face on a stick.

Is this the only prize to win?
Most beautiful face in the parade?

Wave of disgust.
He wanted to die.
Not to make others mourn
but just to die.

Don’t ever cry your goddamn plastic tears for me.

A parade of faces and nothing more.

He thought of smashing the glass
and cutting his wrist with his own reflection.
Wouldn’t that be beautiful?
Wouldn’t that be a great grand kiss-off to all the lies?

And he may have broken the glass
if not
for a light.

He turned and looked to the horizon beyond the parade.
He looked past the parade to the horizon.

A new sun hung
in the sky
pregnant as a grape
with light.

A new sun
on the horizon
long beyond
the parade of faces.

It was


When time started again
the people flowed past him,
and he found himself
heading in the other direction.

— against the flow —

He still felt the old ever-present undercurrent
threatening to sweep his feet out from under him,
but he walked on anyway.

He walked through the parade
beyond the parade
towards the horizon
to the sun.

It was


The sun was on the horizon, and

it was


Written by

I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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