This is one of my favorite Dylan songs. The producer, apparently, had quite a lot to do with the final sound on this particular item, which is somewhat abnormal for Dylan.

I read a Christian’s take on the song, and they had a really observation about the one line, “ You cannot depend on it to be your guide” referring to conscience…according to this guy, that’s a lie. He says that the Bible specifies that our conscience is exactly the tool God gave us to guide us in decision making. I don’t know enough about the Bible to verify or disprove that, but if true, it’s interesting. Dylan knows the Bible well and I don’t think he would write this line offhandedly…it’s significant.

Anyway, I liked your article. P.S. Some claim the man is Johnny Cash but I find that far too simplistic an interpretation.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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