This gets me because I served in OIF/OEF and we always said, “we own the night,” because we did…with our NODs and various other technologies the night was ours. it was going out in daylight that always made me extra vigilant and when we usually caught fire.

I read a book titled “A Ranger Born.” It was largely about the Korean War. Those tough sons of bitches would go out in jungles and mountains so dark that they’d have to tie a rope around their waists, like a daisy chain, all of them linked so no one would get lost and hopefully not fall off the side of a mountain, etc. Crazy stuff.

Salute to the Vietnam vets. I’m fully aware of both sides of the political angle on that war, but all politics aside, you guys were some hard dudes.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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