The Night You Broke Down in Rage and Cried

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there is only you.
no one else can hold up to.
brightly blue,
your eyes glisten
like broken glass
in this dark room.

i hear you spilling over
onto the floor.
you say you’re not good enough,
and i only want you more.

all your pain and all your joy,
don’t ever close the door.

let it flow
like oceans through
the eye of a pin.

let yourself be believed in
let yourself be diluted in
the sea.

you shine forever
in the depths,
your bright light hazy
but beautiful,
like stained glass
beyond a wall of static.

ive seen you smiling in the summer sun
i’ve seen you shining
at times like that,
like a harvest moon i’ve
seen you
so beautiful,
and i know what you’re capable of
if you don’t.

so much sadness,
so much love.
let it flow.

let it flow.

Written by

I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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