The Edge of Everything

Photo by Elaine Casap on Unsplash

This little tale (technically a drabble) is dedicated to my friend, Allyson.

After a lifetime of effort, astrophysicist Miranda Nolls finally perfected a telescope that could see to the very edge of the universe. She joyfully high-fived Rimbaud, her robot assistant.

Would she see God at the edge of the universe?

Would she see nothingness?

Some space with physical laws so different from our own that merely gazing into it would drive her mad?

All were thrilling possibilities! She felt giddy with anticipation.

Miranda peered through her telescope’s eyepiece, adjusted the focus, and froze in confusion.

There, at the very edge of the universe, stood a brown-haired woman in a lab coat, watching her through a telescope.

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