Sunlight like Amber Surrounded Her

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Ah, life.
But I love you, anyway!


It was a sunny summer day
in West Yellowstone, Montana.

A young man sat sipping soup,
gazing out a restaurant window, when…

…a GIRL appeared!

She was near his age, yes,
with curly red hair to her shoulders,
white-rimmed sunglasses, and
a pink polka-dot dress,
decades after anyone on Earth
was supposed to be wearing
a pink polka-dot dress.

The young man watched in rapt attention,
spoonful of soup hovering before his mouth,
as the young woman threw her head back and laughed
at the sunshine on her face.

Can you imagine such a thing?

She was alone!
She had no idea she was being watched.
She was performing for no one.

She was just incalculably beautiful and impossibly alive,
and her smile was
the most radiant, joyful smile
the young man had ever seen
or would ever see

Then, as if all this magic,
as if all this triumph of motion and ecstasy and sunlight
were not enough,
this girl,
this MIRACLE of a young woman,
PIROUETTED over the crosswalk!

She laughed all the way,
and she was laughing still
as she disappeared out of window-frame.

It was as if poetry itself
had just taken female form
and gone dancing by him.

Every instinct in the young man told him to run.
RUN, YOU FOOL! his instinct said.

Yet, he was only a young man, after all,
young enough to fear
what she might say
more than he feared not talking to her
at all.

He sipped his soup instead
and played it cool.
Years later, he couldn’t even remember
what kind of soup it was.

He never forgot her, though.

Way back then,
on that sunny day in West Yellowstone,
he told himself it wasn’t a big deal.
He was still young, after all, and the future
stretched out infinitely before him.

Surely, he thought,
my life will be full
of beautiful redheaded girls
in polka-dot dresses


Written by

I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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