She wasn't really a hippie. I still have to talk to her about a lot of things, but the general gist of it is that she worked insanely hard her whole life. She wasn't doing the hippie thing, doing drugs, "hanging out." she put her faith into her practice and worked very hard to live her vision. The Age of Aquarius is obviously a part of the whole "Hippie" thing but I don't think she really meant it that way.

She was sincerely concerned with fighting racism, homophobia, authoritarian control, and general narrow-mindedness. I did ask her about this and she was happy and grateful to see the advances in racism, gay rights, etc.

My impression was that she considers the transformation to have been positive and the mission completed.

I did ask her about what she sees for the future, both immediate and farther off, and she said she has no idea at all.

I asked what she thought about these crazy times and she times "the times are always crazy." She grew up in the Dust Bowl, Great Depression, WW2, etc.

She mentioned that she saw a group of Okies roll into Seattle in their jalopy and that all the people were making fun of them. I remarked that I didn't understand why they would ridicule Okies when they were in their situation due to a Dust Bowl they couldn't' control.

She responded that people were just generally narrow minded and mean spirited to people who were in any way unlike them, and that seemed to be the thing that she personally wanted to fight against and the thing that she wanted a "new age" to cure.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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