Productivity is not the reason for Adams’ systems approach. It is happiness. His point is exactly the same point you make in your piece, that when you focus your happiness on a goal, you spend all the time up to achieving that goal in anxiety and unhappiness, and then attaining the goal only gives a very temporary bump of happiness, which then quickly recedes.

If you’re focused on a daily system then you feel good and rewarded based upon keeping to that system. So, rather than focusing on “I want to sell a million books by 2019” (a goal) you live by “I will write two hours every day,” and then you feel self-affirmed and happy before, and even regardless of, achieving or not achieving the goal.

His systems approach is about daily happiness, not productivity, though of course productivity is byproduct of adhering to a daily system.

regardless, I”m not trying to steal your thunder by mentioning someone else’s system. I was just saying that I’ve already seen the merit of your approach in following a similar (not identical) approach, and I appreciate your ideas.

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