People pay for what they want or appreciate. I don’t look at the arts as being any different from any other transaction. I need bread, I pay a baker…baker gets the money, I get the bread, we both benefit.

I’ve had fiction “traditionally” published and paid multiple times…I’m a freelance blogger…I collect royalties (however meager at this point) from my novella…etc. I’m also a professional editor. I”m just saying this to say that I’m accustomed to getting paid for writing in more “traditional” ways.

What I love about Medium (and I do LOVE Medium) is that I can publish things that come straight from the wildest depths of my imagination, no matter how strange they are in subject or form..and if I get even a couple cents off it, I love it.

Honestly, I’m relatively new here and still have a lot to see and learn, but from what I’ve seen so far, I may transition the majority of my creative writing over to Medium and stop the long slog of the submission process to journals etc.

I write compulsively, all day, every day. I am very excited to have this platform to put stuff out at my own whim. I would never publish anything I didn’t feel good about. Every single thing I have on Medium is something I believe in the quality of, but still.

The way I see it, people “clap” or pay me for writing if they want to. It’s up to them.

I never take art for free if there is any kind of pay. If I find music I love on Youtube, I’ll buy it on itunes. I don’t even listen to my itunes anymore, but I buy it because I don’t believe in taking things for free. I think that that stuff is seriously hurting the creative professions. If there is a reasonable pay option available, I’ll always pay for the media I consume.

Now, I think there are good, sound STRATEGIC reasons to put out writing for free, but that’s a whole other subject. As far as the ethics or “spirit” or however you want to express it, I put out stuff I believe in, and if people want to pay or clap, then that is AWESOME. If not, that’s fine, too. But, I’m at least going to try to get money for it. I have no problems with a free market or with money, though. I dont’ consider those things evil or icky or problematic.

Anyway, I’m rambling badly now.


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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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