Oh, and thanks for the comment about being a real writer. That indeed, I am (though I also do some blogging and freelance stuff).

Reading saved my ass as a kid…I consider it my duty to literature to respect and honor the written word, even when there is no money or fame left in it…it’s my duty and my obligation. That may sound pretentious to some people, but books, not people, saved me from despair and spiritual death, so I’ll continue to honor the books no matter what the people say.

And I can tell in your writing, too, that you’re style and influence is “old school.” As I said in my first note to you, you take the time to describe the scene in detail. I’ve always preferred that sort of immersive writing.

That’s also why I’m slow to read. I like the actually read, not skim.

There’s a writer named Edd Jennings on here…I suspect you’ll appreciate his work, as I do: https://medium.com/@ejennings53/the-flute-6c28e56c82c1

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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