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I recently interviewed a musician who will go unnamed.

He had a good heyday in the late 60s,
with successes most people would envy.

Now he’s nearing the end,
his wife has already left this world before him, and
while we talked he told me,
“in the moment, you never know how special
the moment is,
until it’s gone.”

he wants to make sure those moments
are honored and preserved, now that
he nears the end
of all his moments.

and what I am left with,
what I’m left thinking tonight
several beers in the hole
thinking about him,
thinking about the past,
thinking about myself and
all the people I’ve had the
privilege and pleasure to know,

what I’m thinking right now is that
I want to grab hold of this moment
and appreciate how special it is
and how special all of you are,
those who have crossed my path
or may come to cross my path

we’re blessed, my friends.

truly, sincerely, we are
blessed, and these moments
won’t last forever

the time will come, in fact
when all moments for each of us cease
then comes whatever comes after
I don’t know

I wonder

but for now, for this moment,
for this little life,
I want to say thank you,
and hello,
and goodbye
and it was good,
wasn’t it?
Wasn’t it beautiful?

So beautiful.

These moments like
wind-scattered ash
the neon-signed streets of our youth
and the stone epitaphs of our age

I’m tired now
no time or energy for games.
I’m thinking of what that unnamed artist told me
at the end of his days
about how you never know how special the moment is
until it’s too late

I don’t want that, please
not that.

But I can’t grab hold
because moments move too fast for our hands,
so I just want to say

Thank you, friends,
thank you,
and hello, and
goodbye, and
I hope to see you again, but
if not,
then know that I know
that you were here
and it mattered,
and it was special,

and I
am grateful
for this moment
and all the moments, and

I hope you are, too.

Written by

I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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