I’ve read Wolfe (Hunter S. Thompson’s “Hell’s Angels” is also a good that somewhat overlaps with “Acid Test”) but haven't read that Rule book. I have read, however, an embarrassing amount 60s cults in general and the Manson Family in specific, as well as revolutionary groups that went too far down the rabbit hole (Weather Underground).

Ed Sanders “The Family” is a bizarre, fascinating book…Sanders was lead singer of hte Fugs and a poet and counterculture icon, and was hte first person to cover the Manson clan after the murders. His book has largely been overshadows because of “Helter Skelter” but “The Family” is fantastic.

Also, Diane Lake’s recent autobiography about her time with the Mnason group is great because her own mother and father let her loose in the Love Generation when she was 14. Her book isn’t just great because of the Manson parts, but also because she gives a look at the whole counterculture environment of the time…and she met plenty of bad characters long before she met Charlie.

I’ve got a regular music journalism gig that allows me to interview folks from that era…I love it.

Anyway sorry for rambling A. Like I said this is a topic I’m inexplicably passionate about and I could go on and on.

I”ll check our Rule’s book for sure. For some reason, Bundy never quite caught my interest the way Manson or the Process Church of hte Final Judgment or JIm Jones do…it’s something about cults that sticks in my craw…

and just as the 60s and 70s spawned a whole lot of serial killers, they also spawned a whole lot of cults.

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