It’s kind of a bummer how the most repetitive, junk content continually dominates. “Trump Sucks.” “Why entrepreneurs are so gosh dang special.” “How to Succeed on Medium.” Same old crap, over and over again…but people have an inexhaustible appetite for it, apparently.

Oh, well. I actually am an honest consumer of “self-help” material (I dislike that term but people know what I mean when I use it), so I’ve considered making a foray into that evergreen subject. The only reason I don’t is that it seems so repetitive…I’m a creative writer at heart.

But, anyway, I’m with you, Tammy. IT’s tough to make money while writing about something I actually enjoy…but I AM the primary breadwinner, so something’s got to give.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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