it isn’t just a flood of content that’s killing musicians and writers. It’s also the sense that people have that all media should be free. Even when people like stuff, they expect to get it for cheap as possible.

Writing has already gone this way. I figured this out after about 2 years into my writing journey and meeting all these highly accomplished fiction writers, and every single one of them had a day job.

There is viable money in blogging and other forms of freelance copy-writing, but ‘artistic’ writing doesn’t pay a whole hell of a lot.

but anyway you make really good points, and personally none of this is difficult for me. I honestly enjoy, I would say even feel tremendously grateful for, interacting with anyone who enjoys or even tolerates (ha) my writing.

And, when I like something I read, my first impulse is to comment on it. I enjoy these conversations with other writers and with readers. So, I guess I’m fortunate in that I’m naturally built for the kind o finteractions that you’re prescribing.

I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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