I’m not a Christian myself (not in the traditional way anyway) but I do appreciate good theological discourse. I often think that Buddhism appears to have more philosophical weight than Christianity because of the nature in which Christianity was first recorded. The Gospel accounts hold very little of Jesus’ actual words. But, far as I can tell, both religious viewpoints highlight an objective truth, which is that the fleeting pleasures of daily life cannot, by nature of the human mind, deliver any kind of lasting joy or peace. These things sound good or bad depending on each person’s character, but for the most part I think they have to arrive at these conclusions by actually pursuing happiness in ego and not finding it…that’s when we see that it is objectively true.

Anyway, don’t want to ramble here. Good piece. My favorite book in the Bible is Ecclesiastes. As far as I’m concerned, no spiritual book in any tradition has ever better captured the futility of the ego. None more accurately, and none more poetically.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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