Ian, first I can’t say what an honor it is to hear that Melanie responded to my writing. I’m copying this message and adding it to my scrapbook. To hear positive feedback from an artist I respect that much…well, that’s just pretty awesome. And yes I’m consciously removing the “I think” part of your sentence and am just assuming you are correct in your assessment (HA).

I will definitely share some thoughts once I get them together. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time researching the shady activities that went on. You know, side note, in Phil Caputo’s “13 Seconds,” the story of Kent State Massacre, he explores rumors of agent provocateurs active on that scene. Nothing that can be confirmed, but enough to raise suspicions.

Anyway, I’ll ramble so I’ll stop here…you know, one thing she MIGHT be interested to hear is something Willie Chambers of the Chambers Brothers told me during a recent interview. Just thinking about the 60s and Melanie’s performance and career…I asked Willie about being a musician in that time, and I found his response to be pretty moving.

Willie said:

“All over the country, you could go wherever you wanted because in later years, there were hundreds of thousands of hippies. Names never meant anything. You were brother. You were sister. Dude. If you went to San Francisco and you saw a hippie, you saw a friend.

‘Where are you staying?’

‘I don’t know, no place yet, just got here.’

‘You can crash at my pad.’

That’s how it was. I think at that time, that was as close to being what God would expect humans to be.”

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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