I think in the modern day it’s very difficult, possibly impossible, to not share anything of yourself personal life or self. I wasn’t saying it’s all bad. I’m just saying it should be done only if the positive impact outweighs the possible damage to your personal life…basically I was agreeing with you.

The Steve Jobs Myth is my own invention…I just use it to conceptualize the prevailing human myth that becoming rich and famous and changing the world is going to give them sustained happiness or fulfillment.

What doesn’t get celebrated is that while Jobs was dying he said his achievements with Apple seemed unimportant and he wished he’d been a better father, instead.

That story is pretty consistent with everyone who gets to that level of fame and money…they look down and say “It’s not really that big a deal.”

Yet, people still obsess with it to the point that they’re willing to get naked on the internet.

That was my point. Ha.


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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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