I never took the faked Morrison death seriously, but also hadn’t looked into it at all, and I definitely don’t take the moon landing hoax seriously, but those things can’t be conflated with the real involvement of the FBI and CIA in the 60s, which is just documented historical fact.

I agree it’s really hard to keep secrets, but there really isn’t a secret at all that the FBI and CIA were involved in various aspects of the 1960s. From COINTELPRO to MK Ultra, etc., there are many aspects of the subject that are part of the historical record.

The agencies were responsible for introducing LSD into America. etc. The findings of the Church Committee…etc.

Whether or not the entire 60s counterculture was intentionally invented, however, is not adequately supported by evidence, which is why I don’t give it much credence beyond amused curiosity.

But the involvement, and sometime deep involvement, of intelligence interests in the period really isn’t a secret, nor it is a theory. It’s just historical truth. Cointelpro is well-documented and not really questionable (though specific details of it certainly can be questioned).

I doubt that the full story of what actually happened will ever be fully known, but there is plenty of stuff that’s just historical fact. It doesn’t need to be kept secret…people simply choose to disbelieve it because it sounds crazy.

The book “Acid Dreams” is a terrific recounting of how LSD entered America, but there is also a mountain of scholarship into the various intelligence agency programs, from Cointelpro to MK Ultra, Project Mockingbird, etc.

I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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