I haven’t been to the Hall but would love to see that exhibit.

I started collected 60s music posters and various nick-nacks. I love that artwork.

I don’t know if it’s her “best” song, but “True Believers” really showcases her voice. It’s also a neat song because it really captures the idealism (some may say naivety) of the era. Song’s pasted below.

The guy who led the Peanut Butter Conspiracy, Alan Lee Brackett, just released a couple CDs of previously unreleased material. I’ll be writing about that, too.

The Conspiracy was really good. I was really surprised that it took me so long to find them, because 60s psychedelic is my favorite era in music.

I also recently found this band The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. Some really interesting stuff from them. But anyway, yea I could go on forever. Ha. Here’s True Believers:


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