I have that book but didn’t read it yet! Peter Levanda has also pointed out Crisman’s OSS ties. That is the primary reason why I disagree with the local historian I’ve interviewed. he thinks Crisman was basically just a nutcase, but I think Crisman was tied into something bigger. I think all this stuff he was involved in was as part of some kind of network, whether that was actively operating intelligence assets or just a bunch of rogue individuals. I don’t know. I really try to stay grounded and stick to the facts only, but I personally suspect Crisman was some sort of disinformation or misinformation agent, putting those OSS skills to good work.

I’ve been digging, in particular, into the Servants of Awareness and some strange stuff that grew out of that organization. There is high, high weirdness afoot with that whole affair.

But, anyway, thanks for quoting that. I need to get into that book! And I totally agree…there’s this illusion that everything is on the internet now, but it really isn’t. There are these weird little gems that you can find in the quarter section of book sales and in flea markets etc. I love this stuff. Gives me a buzz to find something little heard of. Ha…I guess I’m a weirdo.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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