I grew up lower working class, now work day job while writing (though thankfully I’ve been able to make some money with my writing, too).

What’s most frustrating about the realities you outlined is that I also think working class people value art on a more visceral level. I have no science to back this, just personal observation…but as a kid growing up very poor and with a lot of troubles, I held onto literature and poetry as my life raft.

I’m not being melodramatic when I say Jack Kerouac saved my life. His writing helped me see a beauty in my life that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen. Not just Jack…just using him as example.

But, when your real prospects are grim and life is hard, that is when Art becomes something truly necessary and transcendent. A shame, then, that working class people are viewed as less-worthy artistically.

Also, Chandlers’ point is something I’m dealing with right now. My heart is in writing novels, but I need to get stuff out NOW. It’s very frustrating, though I’m grateful for where I’m at. Many times in history, for most people, it would not be possible to make ANY money from creative work unless you were one of the privileged intelligentsia.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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