I go crazy if I don’t write. I need to do it,and I’d do it even if I was living on a deserted island where no one could ever possibly read what I wrote. It’s a compulsion in the truest sense.

I’m always juggling far too much, so recently I decided to simplify my life. I’m only taking one course (online) at a time now, and am taking a break from learning Russian (which I had no practical reason whatsoever to do).

I enjoy reading on Medium and do most of my reading here now, but on weekends I’ll still take a paper book and go sit down outside somewhere or lay in bed and read that way. Reading out of a paper book is just the cat’s pajamas for me…no idea why.

INterestingly, I’ve found I’m actually more productive in all areas of my life if I have a creative project I’m tinkering on. The project seems to occupy some part of my brain that frees up something, emotionally or intellectually I don’t know, that makes me more effective in all other areas.

as I work or study, I’ll scribble notes or do light edits on my creative project, and far as I can tell this increases my efficiency in my day job and studies.

I don’t really understand the mechanics of it…it just works.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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