I feel about the same. White Album is one of my favorite albums ever. IT's also the only Beatles album I listen to start to end fairly regularly.

Though I think Mark and I are in different camps. I do not care (at all) for most Beatles music. I definitely understand their importance to music history and I understand their talent etc. but seriously I can't freaking stand songs like "I want to Hold Your Hand."

I say this with the same good-intentioned humor as your observation about Revolution 9, but how the hell grown-ass men sing that corny bubble gum pop stuff is beyond me.

To me, the Beatles weren't very interesting until Yoko came along and Lennon got weird.

"Bungalow Bill" is one of my favorite songs off White Album.

Oddly, the Beatles song I find myself listening to the most is "Blue Jay Way." Seems like that song isn't talked about much but there's something about it...that song just fascinates me with its dark weirdness.

Anyway, I enjoyed the read, Mark. Just sharing my thoughts!

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