I clearly stated in my initial response why I don’t understand how adding machine learning to criminal profiling is revolutionary. It doesn’t overcome any of the obstacles that currently exist with criminal profiling, namely, that even if a suspect can be narrowed down to a certain demographic, Western laws don’t allow law enforcement (at least they SHOULDN’T) to go shaking down everyone just because they fit a certain demographic. That’s called profiling, and ostensibly, at least, it’s illegal.

Criminal profiling has existed for a long time. I don’t see how using machines will enhance it in any practical way. I could however, be wrong, and if I’m just not seeing it, then I’ll gladly receive anyone’s instruction to what I’m missing.

I’m quite confident that anyone intelligent enough to do what Sasha did would also be intelligent enough to rationally point out what I’m not seeing, if indeed there is something I’m not seeing. Her sex, and her race, don’t factor into any of this. She’s intelligent and competent because she’s done intelligent, competent things, so keep your race-baiting to yourself, please.

And as for who is “F-ING SICK,” I think you’ve made it abundantly clear who fits that bill in this conversation.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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