I am pretty sure that writing in multiple genres slowed down my success. I am going in opposite direction of you…I need to specialize in a genre. I’m going with Horror.

But, I can definitely say I’ve had a lot of fun writing whatever the hell I wanted…but as I look back it, I do think writing in multiple genres hurt me.

I just got back on the traditional publishing horse after over a year of not submitting anything…happily, the very first thing I sent out was picked up by a mag I’ve been trying to get into for years. So, I take it as a good sign.

This time, I’m rethinking everything, and I’m focusing on one genre and style.

I don’t regret those years of scattered writing, though…there was a lot of stuff I had to get out of my head, and I think each genre has slightly different needs which helps make a writer better.

I make a decent chunk of my income in music journalism, but I may have to drop that, too. I need to be more focused.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing your inventions, Mark.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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