I agree with this paper wholeheartedly, but I think the extremes of actual Nazis/terrorists/Maoists/etc. are, in a way, easier to tackle than the subtler and more common cases of information-funnel imprisonment that occurs daily.

It’s amazing to me how obstinate my otherwise reasonable and intelligent coworkers and friends have become in holding to their paradigms of choice.

Any time I hear anything that sounds particularly partisan, I’ll look up the opposing viewpoints. nearly every single time I find that both sides of the debate actually have pretty good reasons AND pretty good reasoning. They’re just coming from different fundamental moral, economic, and even existential assumptions (Haidt’s “The Righteous Mind” lays this beautifully).

But, when I try to share the opposing viewpoints with people, they frequently react with actual animosity, as if I’m threatening them or am myself an “evil” person. This doesn’t occur among Nazis for me (never actually met a Nazi far as I know). This occurs among the otherwise intelligent professionals I work and socialize with.

I think that is almost more nefarious than fullblown Nazis or Maoists or Weather Underground types, precisely because it’s so subtle and so common that people don’t even notice it, but it is indeed shutting people off from information and more importantly from communication with people who see things differently than they do.

But anyway, good article. Ha…I think I got a long-winded here.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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