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by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Time is running out,
still so many mountains to climb;
I’ve been a selfish man —
I’ve been a bad man too many times.

Nighttime fell on this town a thousand years ago,
and it never got back up again.
The circus-crowd’s been howling its demands ever since,
but I’m just trying to remember what Sophia said.

The jackals of paradise
kick and claw and tear up my mind;
I’ve seen too many evil people blessed;
I’ve seen too many good people die.

Everybody knows everything these days.
Don’t believe that?
Just ask them — they’ll tell ya.
Hell, I couldn’t even figure out
how to hold the ring.

While everyone’s running ‘round town with their pitchforks and flames,
I’m just walking the graveyards, trying to remember my father’s name.

I’ve got no strength left for stoning, boys,
and no time to curse others
for promises I can’t keep.

Time passed me by somewhere back up the road;
and if there’s any goddamn answer to any of it
well, I don’t know.

I’m just wondering, wandering, in a daze,
trying to figure out if time is the thread or if it’s the needle
that’s been piercing me.

Life ticks down to a dead crawl,
and after all these years
I haven’t learned anything at all.

After all the lies and the bullshit and the deceit,
I have no interest in condemning anyone’s buildings.

With whatever time is left
I just want to be a better man,
to know what “better man” means.

Doors are closing everywhere,
their steel sound resounding through this dark space;
I’m sorry for every ticket I ever tore up,
and I’m sorry for every tear I put on a face.

I’m sorry, but sorry
is never enough…

Life’s not a game to me, God. Life's never been a game.
I just ask for one last chance
to throw that Hail Mary.

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