How I Combined Tools from Scott Adams and Craig Beck to Quit Drinking

Systems and knowledge, not “will power,” got me there

Jeff Suwak
6 min readJan 1, 2023
Photo by Nghia Le on Unsplash

Today marks three years (and two days) since I consumed alcohol. That’s pretty cool.

What’s cooler is that it marks three years (and two days) since I had any desire to drink alcohol. That’s downright miraculous.

I freed myself from alcohol by combining the systems-thinking approach of Scott Adams with insights from Stop Drinking Expert Craig Beck. With their tools, I created a strategy for reprogramming my mind’s associations with alcohol.

After three years (and two days) of happy freedom from booze, I’m confident that my strategy can help others. I’m ready to share it.

My system is simple. If you’re ready to see it, jump down to The System I Used to Liberate Myself from Alcohol section below.

If you want the full context and philosophical background of my system in order to understand why this worked for me and why it can work for you, check out the other sections first.

Willpower is a Waste of Time When it Comes to Quitting Drinking