How can anyone say this? Who knows what he really thinks? I agree that it wasn’t accurate or fair to say definitively that he is “subversively pro life,” but it seems just as inaccurate and unfair to say he is NOT.

I also fully agree that it was desperate and kind of sad for them to try to cling to this as a definitive political statement, but honestly, who the hell actually knows Dave’s intent other than Dave? Not just with this joke but the whole act? People are assuming an awful lot. My first instinct was to say “oh ffs he was not making a pro life” statement but after watching it a few times, he does basically throw in a logical paradox that points out flaws in some of the pro-lifers thinking. He certainly forced me to think pretty deeply on my own thoughts on the matter.

I’m liking this article and about to applaud. I just think everyone is rushing a little too fast to make definitive statements about his intentions or lack of intentions. We aren’t him. We can’t read him mind.

I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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