How About Wolfsuka? Have You Heard of Them?

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Every once in a while musicians capture lightning in a bottle. A perfect feeling is rendered at a perfect time, and things coalesce in the ether to render something magical. Wolfsuka’s “Baby You Know Me” is an example of such a performance.

With vaguely Dylan-esque vocals and a relaxed, jangling composition driven forward by a restrained-but-persistent toe-tapping of drums, this song would be exploding from radio waves all across the world if there was even a lick of justice in this rotten, fallen, corrupted world. But there is no justice…no justice at all. Only sin and resentment and this black vortex of nihilistic self-harming rage. (Phew, sorry about that, guys. I went to weird place.)

The opening lyrics set the tone perfectly. “It’s funny you’re in my thoughts,” it starts, but then the singer changes his mind and backpedals. “No, no, back up…you’re not in my thoughts at all. You’re a hiccup.” It creates an improvisational feeling that is carried throughout the rest of the song, as if we’re inside this guy’s head as he deliberates upon his lost love.

Maybe the song was indeed improvised on the spot, though I suspect it’s improvisational feeling was created intentionally. I may indeed see if the band wants to discuss this in an interview. Until, then, dear readers, just listen to the damn song.

Lightning in a goddamn bottle, I tell ya.

P.S. The whole Poison to the Artists album is good, as well. If you like this song, check it out.

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