Hi, George. I appreciate your point, but what you’re saying kind of validates why I have a problem with these pieces about what the elderly say…they are largely contradictory, and they assume that people at their 90s are any more rational or clear in how the perceive life than young people are.

For instance, in one book, among the top regrets was “I wish I went for my dream” and “I wish I didn’t spend so many hours working.” Well, guess what…if you want to achieve a dream, you must work very, very hard, so those two ideas are not complimentary.

It’s similar with “loving people” and “having no time for inauthentic people.” I made up my mind long ago that I’d speak the truth and be myself, and it has NOT helped with my relationships.

The vast majority of people are utterly full of shit…so deeply full of shit that they can’t even see how full of shit they are.

So, to me, there are different things we need from different life stages, and I don’t worry overly much what 90 year olds think, just as I don’t think 90 years olds should worry what 40 year olds think. Different people, different stages, different wants and needs.

The way I see it, we choose a path in life, and with each path there are things gained and things lost, and that’s just how it always is. There will never be a perfect path. There are just varying varieties of imperfect, but hopefully beautiful and memorable, paths.

As I look back, I realize I sacrificed a lot by way of having a wide social circle because I refused to play the stupid games most people play. I don’t regret that for one minute…but I also recognize I couldn’t have gone another way without sacrificing my authenticty.

Anyway, I ramble. I appreciated your thoughts, just responding with my own.

Peace to you, sir.


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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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