Harris completely lost credibility as an intellectual a long time ago in my book. I always disagreed with much of what he said, but I also always trusted he made his arguments in good faith and was a rational person. Over the last couple of years, that opinion has completely changed of him.

This is a good article, and I agree that many of those in this group (sorry I can’t bear to use that marketing term now ascribed to them) has been showing their asses more and more as time goes on. Not a huge deal, as they are, after all, only human, but I think maybe their celebrity is starting to erode whatever intellectual objectivity they may have had.

In regard to this: “If the minds most attuned to the biases and failures of present conversation cannot help but fall victim themselves, what hope is there for the rest of us?”

I’ve increasingly been moving to Scott Adams perspective on it. In his view, confirmation bias isn’t a bug, it’s a feature, and is just the way it will always be. That’s sort of depressing for someone who strives to be able to see reality clearly, but as time goes on, I’m beginning to suspect he’s right.

Truth isn’t something to be found. It’s something to be won through intellectual battle. Sad, if true, but maybe ultimately that the Truth I’ve been sifting through the sands for.

Anyway, I ramble…great article.

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