From what I can tell, it’s because she was the real deal and made a lot of decisions based on her ideals rather than on ambition.

She resisted the record labels and such.

The woman once fasted for nearly 30 days.

Her talent is just unreal. her stage presence, her voice…what an amazing talent. She just really blows me away. Everything about her.

Despite being a flower child poster child, she has stated flatly that she is a Libertarian and decidedly not democrat, republication, or socialist…Dem or socialist would have helped her a lot with her audience, but she refused to bend.

She also had 3 children in the prime of her career. that’s a career killer, too, unfortunately. I recently interviewed a woman named Robin Lane…she’s a similar story, an incredible voice and talent who wanted to have a kid more than she wanted to be famous.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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