Freedom, adventures, and the notion of eternally living “in the moment.” If I ever meet some young guy too enamored with Jack (who I still love like a brother…just no longer like a father), then I’d let them know that Jack died an unhappy drunk in his mother’s house after disavowing the lifestyle and vision he sold in those books.

His way of living led him nowhere. He was killed by his own romantic delusions about life and humanity.

We need to hit the road literally and metaphorically at various points in our life, and hitting the road may be the most exciting part about being alive, but trying to live in that transitional space, trying to make the road the home and the ends of all things, doesn’t jive with the full breadth of our being.

Young guys love Jack because a big part of males (and maybe women too I don’t know I’m not a woman and am just addressing men because you brought it up) exists in opposition to the notion of being civilized. Jack seems to offer a NOBLE way out (rather than just being a loser or destructive person), and I think Jack did indeed want a noble way out, he had a noble soul, but he was too dismissive of that other aspect of maleness that years precisely for the things of routine and civilization.

anyway I could go on and on….and this is already absurdly long response for a rhetorical questions. ha! Can’t help myself I’ve thought a lot about this topic.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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