Finally, the Vengeance of Sam Reynolds is Unleashed

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Promotional poster for the upcoming graphic novel, Vengeance Born.

I wrote the script for Vengeance Born over five years ago. It’s wild to think about that now — to think that I’ve held on to the story for all this time without birthing it into the world.

It’s a damn good script that I wrote. A damn good story. And it’s going to be a damn good graphic novel when it’s complete.

The story involves young Sam Reynolds in the early days of the Wild West. Sam’s family is slaughtered by Boss Koba — a sort of nightmare version of Teddy Roosevelt from his Rough Rider days.

After his family is murdered, Sam flees into the wilderness in order to turn himself into a weapon that can avenge his family. He sets himself to become the greatest gunslinger the world has ever known.

Finally, after all these years, work has begun on bringing this graphic novel to life. The first two pages (and a promotional image) are complete, and I cannot wait to see this thing fully complete.

More will follow as work continues.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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