Fanglestein Woflman Makes Surprise Stop at Cheryl’s Café — Tips Well, Dislikes Toast

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Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

Slocum’s Hollow Daily Gazette, August 2, 1950

Diners at Cheryl’s Café on Milwaukee Road got a surprise treat Sunday morning when one of the infamous Fanglestein Wolfmen stopped in for breakfast.

Cheryl Corer, owner of Cheryl’s Café, hadn’t seen a Fanglestein Wolfman around those parts in over ten years. Corer, who was feeling extra sassy that morning in her new, blue cotton dress, got up the pluck to ask her unexpected guest what brought him in.

To the amusement of Corer and her two dozen customers, the wolfman responded with a series of incoherent, threatening growls.

“Everyone just about broke into pieces, they were laughing so hard,” Corer said.

Then, to Corer and her guests’ great thrill, the wolfman belted out a legendary Fanglestein howl.

“There really is no other howl quite like it,” Corer said. “Some say it gives them shivers of fear, but the only shivers it gives me is giddiness.”

The café experienced a moment of tension when the wolfman angrily threw his plate of toast across the room. Corer quickly placated him with a stack of eggs and bacon.

The wolfman heartily approved.

“He nearly bit my hand clean off when I brought it out to him,” Corer said with a laugh.

She proudly displayed her bandaged hand as evidence of her claim.

After finishing his meal, the wolfman left the stunned café to its Sunday conversation, which was particularly lively after such an unanticipated encounter.

“And to answer the question that I’m sure is on everyone’s mind — yes, he tipped very well,” Corer said.

This is the third Slocum’s Hollow wolfman sighting in as many months, though none of the others were as intimate as this. John Farmer caught one eating his sheep in May. Malinda Elrich saw one loping across the Low Down.

Stories of the sightings add fuel to rumors that the Warlock Mountain Wendigo has awakened from its thirteen year slumber, but as of this writing no one has been able to definitively confirm or deny that claim.

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