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Anna Atkinson’s New Single “No Part of Me Ever Dies”

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Something about Anna Atkinson’s music haunts me. I’ve been saying that since the first time I interviewed her. Her newest single, “No Part of Me Ever Dies,” takes that mysteriousness to a whole new level.

It’s an interesting thing, really, because I’ve exchanged several emails with Atkinson (who releases this new song under the moniker of Linaire) now, and I get the feeling that not even she hears what I hear in her music. That’s probably to be expected, because I suck at explaining what I’m hearing. I suck at explaining it because I can’t quite understand it myself. So, you see my dilemma.

All I know is that there’s something in Atkinson’s music that sticks me with long after I hear it. Like a fleeting memory from a meditation vision or an astral scrap snatched from the fringes of an out-of-body experience, something about it always seems split between two worlds.

No Part of Me Dies” takes that mysterious energy to a new level. It sounds like a thousand-year-old attic ghost speaking through Atkinson’s mouth, expressing grief that won’t ever set her free.

I asked Atkinson what the song was about. She responded thoughtfully. I’m going to close with her quoted response.

Check out the latest tune. It’s Atkinson at her best.

Anna Atkinson:

I wrote this song while going through a process of letting go of various things — evaluating which things were ‘me’ or not. I’d ask myself questions, ‘Can I let go of this?’ or ‘What happens if I let go of this?’ and I found a lot of freedom in that.

However, periodically I found myself pulled back into old tendencies, old and undesirable ways of being, thinking. It occurred to me that we can never fully rid ourselves of the past, because it is part of who we are, and no good comes from trying to abandon parts of ourselves. So, even if we don’t act out all of our old unhelpful behaviors, they are still somehow present in us. This song is an ode to that. A kind of welcoming in of all the things we are and were, both positive and negative. Wholeness doesn’t mean only goodness.

The writer Parker Palmer talks about this in his books. He talks about taking everything that is light and good in ourselves and introducing it to our ‘shadow selves.’ It’s this meeting that creates wholeness.

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