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“by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

it’s not just the drugs,
the cigarettes,
or the alcohol.


though it is those things, too.
though it is most certainly those.

that’d be too obvious,
too easy.

see, it’s also the sex.
and the tv.

it’s the facebook rage
the fear porn
(as well of course as the
porn porn).

it’s that hate spewed online.
it’s those fantasies of stringing ideological opponents up
by their own guts.

it’s the desperate lust
for likes
for retweets
for money
for approval.

it’s the passive-aggressive “joke”
about someone else’s shortcomings.

it’s the trying to control other people’s
lives and
beliefs and

it’s the video games
and even the books.

it’s that mechanical laughter
at movies we don’t even enjoy.
(but we get the joke. yea, man,
we get the joke.)

the fix is in, friends;

we ARE the fix.
we don’t know anything about life
outside of it.

we are machines of desperate lust;

hunting for anything to kill the howling silence
of our

anything to fill in
the broken parts.

anything to replace the porch-light
of the home
all these fixes
and desperate lusts
have been trying to replace.

Written by

I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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