Clickbait Death Machine

by Micaela Parente on Unsplash

Sebastian finished the Clickbait Death Machine app at precisely midnight, All Hallows’ Eve.

It was the perfect fusion of technology and magick, something he’d worked endlessly for the past five years.

He’d invested hours of his life, and he’d invested blood…much blood, both his own and that of others.

Now, he had finally created the perfect clickbait algorithm. It could determined the exact psychological profile of very social media user and send a precise, individually tailored post to drive that person completely bonkers with rage and paranoia so terrible that they would drive their own heads through their own computer monitors…or would drive the heads of others through theirs.

Either way, it would cause unimaginable havoc, of course, but that was the point.

It would be his grand human sacrifice to the Dark One, and it would secure his place in the afterlife, with every dead soul serving as his slave.

Sebastian made a reverse cross over himself and sent the algorithm out into the world to infect every server on the planet.

He then logged onto Twitter and Facebook…and waited.

Nothing happened. Both platforms were exactly as they’d always been.

Sebastian flew into a rage and pored over his code again…it was perfect.

Why, then, wasn’t it working?

That’s when it hit him…it wasn’t working because the program had already been at work.

Just then, a post popped up on his screen. It was about the president.

Sebastian howled in rage. He gripped his computer monitor in both hands and slammed his own head through it.

He was found that way, dead, the next morning.

Off in his deep, black abyss, the Dark One smiled.

I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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