Cake Recipe from a 1989 Soviet Russian Cookbook

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In my effort to learn the fascinating-but-infuriating (for me, anyway) Russian language, I bought an old cookbook that was published back in the days of the Soviet Union.

It’s interesting how small the book is, despite it having several-dozen recipes. I can easily fit the book in my coat pocket. Other than the woman wearing a babushka on the cover, there is no artwork inside. The type is very tight, and is little white space.

It is, ultimately, much like the place it came from. Utilitarian, minimalist, and a bit cold.

The book’s title is хозяюшка, which means “Hostess.” The two words below that (выпуск второй) mean “second edition.” The word at the very bottom (сладкоежка) means “sweet tooth.”

(As a side note, the Russian alphabet is wildly different from English, except for five letters: A, K, M, O, T. As I’ve been studying the language, I use those recognizable letters as reference points to help guide me through the rest of the word.)

The book is dated at 1989, which was only a couple years before the official dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991.

I have not made any of the recipes in the book. I’m not a baker. If anyone decides to give it a go, though, I would love to hear about it and maybe even see a picture. I’ll post it here!

пирожное кошутское (Koshutsky Cake)

Russian (Pусский)

возъмите 250 г размягченного маргарина, столько же сажара, 1 яйцо целком и емё желткн от 3-тх яиц, сок одного лимона или лимона или лимонную ккислоту и энергично мешать не менее чем 25–30 мжнут, энергично меметь не менее чем 25–30 мжнут, постепенно добавляя 250 г просеянной и подсушенной муки.

полученную массу выложить на противень, выровнять, посыать толчёными орешками или изюмом. когде испечется и остынет, нарежьте на кускии разной формы, посыпьте сахарной пудрой.

English (Aнглийский)

Take 250 g of softened margarine, the same amount of sugar, 1 whole egg and yolk from 3 eggs, juice of 1 lemon or lemon or lemon acid, and vigorously mix for at least 25–30 minutes, knead vigorously not less than 25–30 minutes, gradually adding 250 g of sifted and dried flour.

Put the resulting mass on a baking sheet, level, sprinkle with crushed nuts or raisins. When baked and cooled, cut into slices of different shapes, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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