Birds atop Mount Covid-19

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Photograph by Jeff Suwak

Okay, the mountain was actually Mount Si, not Mount COVID-19, but right now COVID-19 overshadows everything, so that’s how it felt. I’ve hiked Mount Si many times, but this one will always be the most memorable.

Like most everyone else, I’ve been stuck inside during this COVID lockdown for months. When the Washington state parks reopened on May 5th, I could barely wait a whole two days to take leave and get outside.

I’m glad I did. Seeing this life out there in the wild lifted my spirits and reaffirmed my faith. It was one of the most ecstatic, joyous outdoor experiences I’ve ever had.

There were birds out atop Si (as usual). I just wanted to share them with everybody and remind you that life is still living, baby, and it’s still beautiful, and the days ahead are full of magic.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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