All good with me. I had and have no problems with your critique of the author, and I apologize for implying you may be a bot.

In this day and age, one can just never be sure.

And for the record I’m not a conservative, but I can see bullshit when I see it, and what I know is I’ve personally watched a bunch of those “walkaway” videos, and the people seemed rather sincere to me.

There are all kinds of logical fallacies and biased claims in this article (though in general I appreciate the author’s approach and data), but I find that to be true with just about every political piece I read, so I don’t hold it against the author.

As for you, personally, I apologize for suggesting you may be a bot. I also find it rather telling that you’re in such fear (which is warranted) of being doxed simply for expressing your opinions. One might even venture to suggest it validates the reasons you people are “walking away.”

Regardless, best of luck to you. I owe allegiance to no cult or brain box, and you’re safe to speak with me, even if you disagree! Ha!

Peace, friend…things are always darkest just before the dawn.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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