Actually, to add just one more thing: I published a piece called “Monkey’s Blade.” It’s a weird, surreal little tale I wrote and loved, but am almost certain no journals or mags would have paid me for it.

So, rather than send it to some unpaid publication (nothing wrong with those by the way), I published it here. And the really cool thing is that a few people loved it.

If it wasn’t for Medium, that piece would either be hidden on my thumb drive or published in some unpaid publication that almost certainly has a smaller market than Medium.

I didnt’ “fake” that story or millk the system…I loved the weird little tale, am thrilled that some other people loved it…and even more thrilled that I made a few cents/dollars off it (I’m still not sure how much claps pay out to).

Like I said earlier, I LOVE this paywall system and I LOVE Medium.

That being said, I’ve also put out some free stuff here…I’m experimenting.

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I’m not in the Matrix. I AM the Matrix.

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